Spirit of London

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During our induction on the course, we were given an assignment. We were split up into groups of four and were handed a brief in which we had to shoot a short 90 second video entitled ‘Spirit of London’. The film had to explore any aspect of London, and was to be shot on a digital stills camera, or a mobile phone camera.

We were given a day to plan, and about 3 hours to shoot the film. Our group decided on a simplistic approach, due to the lack of pre-production time given to produce this film. We decided to make a short documentary, comprised of on-street interviews. As interviewers, we asked the public to “describe your experience of London in one statement”. We then took these interviews and juxtaposed them with related imagery of London.

Unfortunately I had no DSLR camera to shoot with, so my iPhone camera had to make do. I used a ‘Zoom h1’ microphone to record audio (which isn’t the best). Here is the film:


Spirit of London from MDX Film on Vimeo.