20 second shot assignment.

Everything, MDA 1300 Film Language and Production

In the ‘Film Language and Production'(MDA 1300) module, we have been learning about cameras. Our first class included an in depth lesson on the ‘JVC H100’ video camera. We were taught about white balance, exposure, shutter speed, image formatting etc… During this class I realised that I have far much more knowledge on the theory side of film, rather than the practical side of film (meaning, I am not very knowledgeable on the mechanics of the camera or sound equipment, for example. I do feel, however, that I have a decent understanding of film production.) As I am interested in Directing, that is not necessarily a bad thing, as directors need a good knowledge on film theory. However, I am very eager to learn about the practical side of film making.

At the end of the lesson, we were given our first assignment for the module. This assignment was to loan out a ‘JVC H100’ camera, and capture one 20 second shot, that is unique to the camera’s point of view. Meaning a shot that only a camera could achieve, and not one that a human can see with their own eyes, for example; a zoom.

I originally planned to have an elaborate shot involving fake blood, a knife, a corridor, a shower curtain and 2 actors. I even shot it, however when I viewed the shot on my computer, something was wrong with the image. By that time, I had already cleaned up the set and the actors had left. Reluctantly I deleted the footage, and ended up shooting a dolly zoom of my iPhone propped up against my window. Other than the shakiness of the shot, due to the fact I had no dolly/steadicam, it turned out rather well. Here is the shot:

MDA 1300 Assignment 1 – Rudi Leandro from MDX Film on Vimeo.


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